ValeRodriguez :I am an open-minded person, Some of turns me on is know all your fantasies and try to make them true, I love spanks, while we fuck speak dirty to me and when we end up being treated like a lady.

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Age :23
Orientation : I am a bicurious woman, it means that I love men, but I like timeless experiences with women.
Fantasies : In my shows I love to have fun, I love the cam to cam, I like to play with my toys, give them a good blowjob, ride them, use them in doggy style, I love role-playing games, I am versatile in into dominant and slave.
Favorite Position : I think I speak on behalf of all women when I say we love riding and being in the doggy position, however all positions can be enjoyed if the company is good.
Note : 4.8

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